Sport Kites
Featuring Sport Stunt Kites from Around the World.
Kite Surf, Ski, Buggy, Power & Traction Kiting

Whether you fly kites for fun on the beach, Surf, kayak or canoe on the water, buggy on land, ski on the snow,
or compete on the kite circuit we have a kite for you !
2, 3 & 4 lines kites are built for traction, speed & locomotion.
German kite manufacturer HQ-Invento and Dodd Gross' Sky Dog  Kites have long been  leaders in kite innovation & design.
We are the only full service kite store on Florida's Forgotten Coast and strive to provide you the most current products,
technical information and instructions.
Our "How To" section is basically a FAQ as we receive your questions and comments.
Dual Line Kites
Invento-HQ, Sky Dog, Gomberg & more...
Quad Line Kites
Invento-HQ, Sky Dog & more...
  Indoor Flying - Dual & Quad Line
Invento-HQ & more...
Power & Traction Kiting Dual & Quad Line
Invento-HQ, Sky Dog, Gomberg & more...


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